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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA 20112-3059                                        FAX: (509) 355-6590



Seasoned telecommunications executive having broad experience in engineering and product development with local, interexchange, satellite and wireless carriers in a domestic and international environment.  Special talent for developing, selling and implementing networks and unique customer applications for companies and customers.


ZACHRY & ASSOCIATES                                                                        1993 - Present
Manassas, Virginia


Engineering and product marketing consulting. Contracts with National Auto Truck Stops, Elcotel, Jenner & Block, Federal Engineering, CB Management Solutions and Wireless Facilities, Inc. Have specialized in working with wireless carriers (Aerial Communications, Inc. [now part of Voicestream]; Clearnet of Canada; Telecorp Communications, Inc.(Now part of AT&T Wireless); Verizon Wireless, Inc.; Triton PCS, Inc.; Leap Wireless (Cricket Communications); Nextel Communications, Inc., and Nextel Partners, Inc. to develop fixed network designs implemented in many of their respective regions.  In this capacity, has extensive experience in the development of RFPs and in negotiating contracts with equipment vendors as well as designing, ordering and implementing networks with all wireline carriers nationwide.

  • Fixed Network Manager in Houston, TX for Aerial Communications.  Later Project Leader  for entire Houston market. (1995).

  • Headquarters Fixed Network Manager for all Aerial markets (Minneapolis, Houston, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Tampa, and Kansas City).

  • Trained personnel to design, order and implement DS1, DS3 and OC circuits in markets and supervised implementation.  Negotiated contract for Interexchange Carrier (IXC) service with Sprint. (1996-1997)

  • Designed fixed network for TeleCorp on Cape and Central Massachusetts, Memphis, Arkansas, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico.  Negotiated with Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) in all markets and supervised ordering and implementation. (1997-1998)

  • Designed LEC fixed network in Western Canada for Clearnet.  (1998)

  • Designed, ordered and implemented LEC network circuits for Triton PCS in Virginia and North Carolina.  Implemented E911 service for Triton PCS in Virginia.  (1998-1999).

  • Designed, ordered and implemented fixed network for Nextel Partners in Central and Western Pennsylvania as well as Iowa and Nebraska.  (1998-1999, 2001)